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Thrive® Gum

Don't let nicotine cravings get in the way of your life. Thrive® Gum is sugar-free, whitens teeth and helps satisfy those cravings quickly, so that you can overcome the urge to smoke.
About gum
Thrive® Peppermint Chill Gum
Thrive® helps you control your nicotine cravings fast! It delivers a rush of nicotine, so you can manage cravings right when they happen. Also, Thrive® lets you choose what works for you.

How to Use - Download PDF
Regular Strength 2mg Gum
Extra Strength 4mg Gum
If you smoke less than a pack a day then you should use the 2mg gum.
If you smoke a pack a day or more then you should start by using the 4mg gum.
Do it right. Chew. Rest.
Product is available in
Cool Mint and Fruit Xplosion in 2mg Regular Strength and 4mg Extra Strength.

      Cool Mint 2mg Fruit Xplosion 2mg Cool Mint 4mg Fruit Xplosion 4mg
Please refer to the product insert below for additional instructions.

Download PDF

Thrive® is a stop smoking aid. Always read and follow the label to ensure this product is right for you.
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