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Empty beer bottle next to 2 cigarette butts on the cement.


Just because you’re quitting smoking, doesn’t mean you have to temporarily quit your social life. Try these 6 tips to stop smoking when you drink.

1. Give yourself a pep talk

Mentally preparing yourself before stepping a foot in a bar is important. The environment alone can be major a trigger. Before you head out, try saying aloud, “I’m a former smoker,” or “I don’t smoke. I’m healthier and happier without cigarettes.”

Whatever saying motivates you, the main point is to remind yourself that you’re a former smoker who doesn’t need to smoke anymore.

2. Get in the game

Remember, everything you did as a smoker, you can do as a non-smoker. Holding off too long from social drinking after quitting or reducing can create a sense of intimidation. Plus, socialising with friends is an important part of your life. The sooner you teach yourself how to enjoy a drink without a cigarette, the sooner you’ll feel like your life is back to normal.

3. Stop after one drink

When you go out for a drink, limit yourself. Doing this allows you to prove to yourself that you can drink without smoking.

2. Hang out with non-smokers

Make plans with friends who support your quitting or reduction journey. Who you choose to hang out with can help support you. Slip-ups may occur when ex-smokers are in the company of other smokers who can act as triggers.

5. Bring your quit buddy


When going to a party or bar, ask a quit buddy to join. A quit buddy is someone who supports you on your mission to stop smoking.This can be a friend or family member. If you bump into smoking friends who ask you to join them, make sure to fill them in on your goal so they can be respectful.

Two friends hanging out on a rooftop

6. Host a smoke-free social event

Take the initiative and invite friends over to your place. You can celebrate your smoke-free success with them. You’ll be able to control what is served, which can help stop triggers. Make sure your guests know your home is completely smoke-free.