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Here's how to cope with your feelings of frustration.

Frustration makes it difficult to manage your emotions and stay in control. THRIVE can help you overcome your frustration and keep you true to your goal.

4 ways to deal with frustration.

1. Don’t let smokers sway you 

Being around smokers can be frustrating. Let friends know you’re cutting back and ask them not to smoke around you or offer you a cigarette.

2. Breathe away the frustration 

Try this simple exercise. Take a few deep breaths—in through your nose and out your mouth—you will feel your body start to relax.

Calm woman taking a deep breath

3. Write it down   

When something is bothering you, spend 15 minutes writing about it. Afterwards, tear up what you wrote and toss it out. As simple as it seems, it helps put things in perspective and sorts out your feelings.

4. Remember why you’re quitting  

Everyone has a reason to stop smoking. You could be a new parent or maybe you want to be able to run further. Reflecting on your reasons why you want to quit can help you get through frustrating moments.

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THRIVE can ease your frustration  

Breaking the nicotine addiction can be frustrating, THRIVE gums and lozenges deliver a therapeutic dose of nicotine to make quitting or reducing easier.


The 5 withdrawal symptoms of quitting or cutting back.

When you quit or cut back, the lack of nicotine in your body causes you to experience some tough withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to deal with each of them.