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Turning your car into a smoke-free zone is a great way to reduce temptation. Here are some ways to stop smoking in your car:

1. Remove

Ditch everything that could trigger your desire to smoke, including:

  • The ashtray. If you don’t want to remove it completely, wash it thoroughly and fill it with healthy treats.
  • Lighters, matches, and cigarettes.
  • Music that might trigger memories you connect to smoking
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2. Clean

Remove the odour of smoke and any visual reminders of your smoking habit

  • Give your car a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Shampoo the seats and floor mats, scrub the windows, and vacuum the trunk.
  • If you have a specific pair of shoes you tend to drive in, either get rid of them or make sure they are deodorized.
  • Hang air fresheners or deodorizers to cover up any residual tobacco smell.

3. Store

Stock your car with things that can help you overcome cravings when they hit, like:

  • Healthy snacks that keep your mouth busy and don’t require refrigeration, such as granola bars, nuts, or low-fat popcorn.
  • Nicotine replacement gum or lozenges.

4. Change your routines

Make small changes that’ll make it harder to smoke. Try:

  • Turning up your favourite music and singing along.
  • Listening to audio books or podcasts.
  • Keeping a strict no smoking rule for anyone who catches a ride in your car.