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How to keep your irritability in check.

During the first two weeks of quitting smoking, you may feel edgy and short-tempered. Using THRIVE gums and lozenges can help ease your irritability, so you can feel more like yourself.

5 ways to manage irritability.

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1. Give others a heads up 

Let your family, friends, and co-workers know that quitting or cutting back may cause you to become easily angered or moody.

2. Avoid conflict  

Steer clear of conversations that may lead to an angry outburst. If a situation escalates, walk away and calm yourself.

3. Practice mindfulness meditation 

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on your thoughts and surroundings. Mindfulness helps you pay attention to and respond to your feelings.

4. Apologize

If you do snap, resolve things quickly with an apology. Your loved ones will understand and forgive you because they are happy that you are on your quitting journey.

5. Exercise every day 

A daily dose of physical exercise is good for the body and the mind. It helps release endorphins that will improve your mood.

THRIVE lozenges, gum, and complete gum packages

THRIVE can soothe feelings of  irritability.  

If you’re feeling irritable in the face of tough cravings, THRIVE gums and lozenges can help you manage those negative feelings.


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