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How to get past the restlessness

The sudden absence of nicotine can make it tough to concentrate, sit still, or even sleep. Relax, this won’t last forever. THRIVE can help you push through.

A relaxing home equals a relaxed you

How to make your home a smoke-free sanctuary. 

Keep all technology—TV’s, phones, laptops etc., out of the bedroom to give your mind a rest.

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Create a small area to meditate or do yoga when you’re feeling restless.

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The scent of lavender can soothe and calm your mind. Unwind with a lavender reed diffuser. 

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Hang an inspirational piece of artwork to put you at ease.

Focus on your thoughts with a mantra. Repeat ‘I can do this’ over and over.

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Avoid caffeine after 4 p.m. Instead, relax with a non-caffeinated herbal or green tea.

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An hour before bed, dim the lights and swap out bright light bulbs for warmer ones.

Turn down the thermostat to 18 degrees C. Staying cool causes the body to produce sleep inducing hormones.

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Studies show exercise calms your mind and helps you feel contented.

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THRIVE lozenges, gum, and complete gum packages

THRIVE relieves restlessness fast.  

When you’re nervous or agitated, THRIVE gums and lozenges can help you relax and overcome withdrawal symptoms.


The 5 withdrawal symptoms of quitting or cutting back.

When you quit or cut back, the lack of nicotine in your body causes you to experience some tough withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to deal with each of them.