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Waking up each morning brings a realization: there will be no cigarettes today. This moment can either be daunting or empowering – that’s entirely up to you!

Any ex-smoker can tell you that a key part of reducing or quitting is to plan ahead. Take a moment to think through your day and identify triggers that might cross your path. Preparing yourself for what’s ahead can arm you for success and increase your sense of confidence and control.

So, every day when you wake up, instead of having that first cigarette, spend a few minutes asking yourself some questions and setting a game plan. These eight questions are a good place to start.

For any question that you answer ‘yes’, identify ways to deal with that moment without smoking.

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Will I be:

  • In stressful situations?
  • Around people who upset me?
  • Separated from the people who most love and support me?
  • In social situations with smoking?
  • Around any of my old smoking hang outs?
  • Encountering an unusually large workload?
  • Spending a lot of time in my car?
  • Alone for prolonged periods?