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For many smokers, having a cigarette after a meal is standard. Follow these tips to get through those after-dinner cigarette cravings.

1. Chew gum 

Chewing sugarless gum after a meal can be highly effective at reducing cravings for a cigarette. The chewing action keeps your mouth busy and helps fight nicotine withdrawal. Also, since the average person gains a few pounds after cutting back, chewing sugar-free gum can also act as a low-calorie distraction.

2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Like sugar-free gum, eating a small amount of fruits and raw vegetables can help reduce cravings and limit weight gain. 

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3. Take deep breaths 

Taking deep breaths can help you relax and keep your mind focused. After cleaning the table and washing the dishes, find a quiet spot where you can relax, breathe deeply and count each breath. Your heart rate should slow down and you should feel calmer. Keep a rhythm. Do this 10 times and you should feel a distinct difference.

4. Take 15 

Wait 15 minutes for the cigarette craving to pass. Read a book, listen to music, scan your favourite blogs for interesting articles to read, play a game on your phone, text a friend, or go for a short walk. Since a craving typically only lasts a few minutes, it’ll be gone before you know it.