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Wondering how to successfully quit smoking? Take a look at some traits that are common among successful quitters - you can easily incorporate these into your own life!

Let go of the past

Successful people are future oriented.

They’re not tied to the past nor dwell on their mistakes. They learn from them and move on.

Quitter’s takeaway: If you slip up and have one smoke, accept that you’re human. Stay positive and get right back on your smoke-free path.

Continuously improve

A desire to improve and grow is a common trait of successful people.

Whether it’s taking a class, reading a book on a new topic or challenging yourself to go beyond a personal record, there are many ways to better yourself.

Quitter’s takeaway: Quitters can gain an amazing amount of time by not smoking. Use this time for a personal upgrade. A few ideas include learning a new language, growing a garden or taking up a new sport.

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Reward yourself

Successful people take time for themselves.

When you’re working at full speed, it’s important to pause and care for yourself. Some people take time for daily exercise or meditation. Some enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering at an animal shelter while others plan weekend getaways.

Quitter’s takeaway: Celebrating a cigarette-free milestone is a great time to treat yourself to some self-care to celebrate all your hard work and accomplishment.

Show gratitude

Successful people are grateful for their opportunities.

They realise how fortunate they are to be where they are in life. They take time to reflect on all the good things around them.

Quitter’s takeaway: When you’re hitting a rough patch while trying to quit, think about all the things you’re grateful for. Make a list so you can review. Before you know it, that craving will have passed.

Give back to the community

Successful people realize that they have the power to encourage others to overcome challenges and fulfill dreams.

Achieving success creates an opportunity to inspire and motivate others.

Quitter’s takeaway: On your way to successfully quitting, reach out to others by sharing your success story.